Posted December 2, 2017 05:51 pm - Updated December 2, 2017 05:53 pm

Finding Interesting Gift Ideas for the Holidays

To find an impressive present this holiday season, you need to think outside the (gift) box. For most shoppers, the search starts with a daunting list of recipients. Whether your list is filled with friends, family members or significant others, it can be hard to break the boring gift habit. Instead of buying the same dull gifts, or defaulting to a generic gift card, you can be creative this year. Use all the amazing online ideas to find a personalized gift for the holiday.

Consider the personality of the recipient

When trying to find an interesting gift, consider the personality of the recipient. Start by asking yourself how they spend their time. Then, you can search for items that fit with those activities at sites like For example, if the recipient is a foodie, they may appreciate a food sniffer, a Bluetooth device that tests the freshness of products. If they often travel for work, a 2-in-1 toothpaste and toothbrush travel kit can easy their packing process. By putting yourself in the mindset of the recipient, you will find inspiration for an engaging gift idea.

Stalk their Social Feeds

In the digital age, you don’t have to ask for a wishlist to learn about your loved one’s interests. All you need to do is sort through their “likes.” Scroll through their Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts to see what brands and products they engage with most frequently. Their online activity will reveal their favorites. For example, if they are always sharing articles about home organization, you can search for related gifts. If they frequently repost fashion images, your search starts with stylish brands. Once you review their feeds, you’ll have a direction to inspire your product search.

Use a Gift Generator

Gift generators can jump-start the brainstorming process by putting unique ideas in your head. Once you scroll through the suggestions, you can use that inspiration to scour the internet for the best price. Although some of these generators populate sponsored items, the ideas will give you keywords for a deeper online search.

Genius Gift Idea Generator: After answering a short series of questions, you’ll receive a wacky gift recommendation.

Randomly Gifted: First, you enter a gender and budget. Then, the generator pops out a quirky suggestion.

Presibot: This generator asks for the recipient type, the occasion, the recipient age and your budget to determine the perfect present.

Instead of asking, “What do you want for the holidays?”, you can uncover a brilliant new product that your recipient may have never considered.

Try a Secret Santa

Sometimes, the fatigue of shopping for many people stifles creative gift-hunting. So, shorten your list by asking your group of friends or family to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange. Then, you’ll only be buying one, delightful gift. Setting it up is as simple as drawing names from a hat. Also, if you want to move into the modern age, you can use a Secret Santa generator like Draw Names. Then, your long list of inspired gift-shopping will be cut from multiple people down to one lucky person. By shortening your list, you’ll have more mental energy to invest in finding a personalized present.

Open up your options

Sometimes, thinking too hard about what the recipient might want stifles creative gift-giving. Even if your friend is picky, they might appreciate an out-of-the-box gift. With most stores offering easy returns and refunds, you can take a chance on a crazy present. So, shop in places where you might not normally shop and consider ideas that you wouldn’t normally purchase. You may find that simply browsing gifts inspires a thoughtful and personal present. At the very least, your friend will appreciate the passion that went into your shopping.

This year, think outside the (gift) box with a unique and unexpected present. Use the power of the internet to your advantage and bring the most inspired presents of the season. No matter the length of your recipient list, the ideas above can help you generate delightful gift ideas. You will surprise and please your family and friends when you bring the most thoughtful and interesting gifts of the season.