Posted November 30, 2017 02:25 pm

Business Fashion: How to Dress to Impress at the Workplace

Most bosses certainly won't expect employees to be wearing the most expensive fashion labels, but it is still important for you to consider the impression that your clothes are making as you are on the job. No matter what job you have, looking presentable is imperative; waking up and simply throwing a careless outfit together won't score you points at the office. 

Fashion and the Office
Certain aspects of your look will shape how others treat you and the impact you have on them. All aspects of the way you dress, like the type of clothes you wear, how well they fit, what type of colors you wear, how much skin you are revealing, and more, will influence the way other people you work with perceive you. Carefully choosing your outfits for the workplace can help you move forward in your career, or at least help you keep the job you have, while one's poor choice in clothing may negatively affect how people look at you. 

This is particularly true if your business has any type of dress code. Failing to pay attention to the dress code or even breaking it may negatively affect your future at your workplace. However, if you take the time to read up on how to dress to impress at your job, you'll be setting your sights on your dream job in no time. 

1. Dress to fit Your Workplace 
The best advice for dressing to impress in the workplace is to consider the tone and environment of your workplace and to dress accordingly. This will allow you to tailor your outfits to the job you need to do and the people that you will see. For example, a school teacher may want to wear something that allows for a lot of physical movement while providing a modest covering. Go through your schedule to determine the kind of people that you will see throughout your day. If you have a big meeting coming up, it makes sense to dress for that consultation-- choose something sharp like your best suit or anything similar. Considering your audience as you sort out your outfits will show your superiors that you care about your job.

2. Keep Your Look Neat
Maintaining an impressive look at work doesn't mean you have to wear fancy dresses or suits every day; it simply means making sure that every aspect of your look communicates to your superiors and clients that you are a thorough person that is ready to get to work. Clearly, if your workplace has a strict dress code, your outfits will consist of whatever you are required to wear. For the best tips on dressing to it your office's dress code, make a habit of visiting men's fashion sites like The Idle Man to help you learn how to shape up your business attire. 

Even if you do have to wear a particular outfit every day, you can decide on the quality of your clothes. This means making keeping your clothing look as neat as possible. That means taking the time to iron your clothes, tuck in your shirts, and of course, make sure all clothes are washed and clean. For workplaces that offer their employees more of a choice when it comes to their dress code, striving to look neat means choosing pieces that are fashionable, presentable, and work-ready. Stay away from any frayed jeans or cut-off shirts and save the open-toed shoes for drinks after work. 

3. Pay Attention to Detail
Even in the event that you wear clothes that are fashionable and fit well, you may threaten all of that hard work if you don't pay attention to the details of your outfit. These aspects outside of your outfit generally center on personal hygiene and attitude. Aside from your daily routine, make sure you don't add anything to your look that detracts from the impression you are trying to make. That means keeping all tasteless accessories, offensive clothing, distracting patterns, and the like, out of your office attire

The most important part of dressing to impress in the workplace is to dress appropriately the job at hand, taking care to follow the dress code, all while wearing clothes that make you feel your best. If you want to take it to the next level, make sure to look neat, and whenever possible, dress for the job you want.