Posted November 10, 2017 05:01 pm

What to Do When Visiting New York City

Visiting New York City can be overwhelming. After all, the city that never sleeps offers countless opportunities to see, do, experience, shop and eat. It is important to understand that as a visitor for a limited amount of time, it is impossible to do and see everything worth taking advantage of in this amazing city. People who live there for years still have bucket list items to hit. So, to make the most of a visit, its critical to accept that you’re not going to see or do everything. Learn about some of the most popular attractions and activities, and make a list from there.

Get Oriented

One of the best things and first things you should do when visiting anywhere new is to get oriented to your surroundings with a tour. Doing so is not only a fun and informative activity in and of itself, but it also allows you to get an idea of areas of interest that you might wish to explore further. New York City offers a number of ways to do this. Manhattan is an island, so cruising the waterways around the city is a great way to get a general overview of the geography of the city and to view the iconic landmarks in a way that is difficult from within the confines of the city streets.

Outdoor Activities

Part of the thrill of visiting New York City is just being among the hustle and bustle of the place. There are countless outdoor opportunities to experience the city in this way. Visit Central Park for a stroll, a picnic, a free zoo, and some for the best people watching in the city. Peruse the stores that line 5th Avenue for a look at this high-end shopping district. Meander the quieter and charming downtown neighborhoods for great shopping and dining and a visit to the bustling Washington Square Park. Walk the High Line for an elevated stroll along the city’s west side. Visit Little Italy, Chinatown, or the Lower East Side to get a sense of the immigrant history that has shaped the flavor of New York City.

Indoor Activities

When you’re ready to move on to indoor activities, the list of options is lengthy. Spend an afternoon visiting one of the nearly 100 museums that call the city home. See a show, either on or off Broadway. Visit Chelsea Market for a unique and eclectic shopping experience. While you’re in that neighborhood, head over to Chelsea Piers for a variety of indoor recreational sports opportunities.

Iconic New York City Experiences

Of course, there are a number of things to see and do that should top the list of anyone looking to have the quintessential New York City experience. Walking through Times Square is a dazzling, electrified experience for the senses. The nighttime view from either the top of the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock are spectacular. High tea at the Plaza Hotel, followed by a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central park offers the epitome of elegance. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge offers a picturesque way to look back at the city. A cruise out to the Statue of Liberty offers an immersive experience that depicts the history of so many of our ancestors.

There’s Always Next Time

There is a reason visitors come back to New York City again and again. With so much to do and see, there’s always a reason to plan the next visit.