Posted November 8, 2017 11:34 pm - Updated November 8, 2017 11:35 pm

How to Find Sold-Out Tickets

If you’re looking where to purchase theater, concert, or nearly sold out sports tickets, secondary tickets marketplaces are a great source that can meet all of your ticket buying needs. In support of fans worldwide, secondary ticket marketplaces can help people buy rare or sold-out tickets for nearly any event. Below, are a few ways you can purchase tickets for an upcoming event that may be sold out.

1. Know Where to Look

If you’re looking for a resource to buy a ticket for a sold-out show you’re dying to see, here are a couple websites you can try:


Craigslist is a seller junkyard, where people sell anything from beds to tickets. In fact, Craigslist has a large variety of tickets being sold by brokers and fans alike. Fortunately, if you find the right seller, you can land a great deal. However, Craigslist is also home to a number of scams, so be careful who you buy from.


StubHub is a popular ticket resale site where fans can purchase tickets for a sold-out show. It’s usually a better option than Craigslist since it offers a FanProtect guarantee, which offers protection to your order and validates your ticket for entry to the event. They even offer additional services, such as their mobile app to buy tickets on the go and last-minute service centers, a place where fans can pick up their tickets locally, especially if they live in a large city.

Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange

Ticketmaster is one of the largest ticket resellers on the market, however, most of their tickets are first-run tickets. But, they also have other ticket resale options, such as Tickets Now, Ticket Exchange, and TM+. Plus, all of Ticketmaster’s resale sites verify the tickets they sell and rename them for the new owner, in case you’re worried about bringing fraudulent tickets to your next event.

2. Research

Above are just three of the many secondary ticket websites where you can purchase sold out tickets. However, before you put any money down, you want to make sure that the company is trustworthy. Read online reviews about the business and their customer service. You should also check out the Better Business Bureau for more reviews and a letter grade.

3. Time Your Purchase Correctly

With secondary ticket marketplaces, ticket selection and prices are constantly changing. Though this is typically a good thing, it can make purchasing tickets more challenging if you have seating or budgetary restrictions. This is why it is so important to time your purchase correctly. To keep track of changes to the above ticket listing websites, consider using software that monitors changes to websites. This will alert you if a price drop occurs.

The best timing for a ticket purchase can depend on your needs. If you need to find a large group of tickets together, purchase sooner rather than later. If you have budgetary concerns, you can wait to purchase your ticket until closer to the event. If you are purchasing tickets for a major sporting event, consider buying your tickets very early, even before you know who will be playing in the game.

4. Be Flexible

If there is a specific musical artist, sports event, or theater production you want to see, be flexible about the date you go to see the event. You may be able to find cheaper tickets on different dates and times. Compare prices for each show and see when you can get the best deal. You will likely be able to find cheaper tickets and more available tickets at a show that takes place on a weekday, as opposed to a weekend.

5. Go Solo

It is often easier (and cheaper) to find tickets for a sold out event if you are only buying one ticket. If you are going with a group, consider sitting apart from each other. Buying single tickets can offer a better deal than purchasing multiple tickets from the same listing. Additionally, if you are purchasing tickets for a multi-day music festival or event, compare the prices for a single day pass to a multi-day pass. You may be surprised to learn than multi-day passes sometimes offer a more preferable price breakdown.