Posted November 8, 2017 02:11 am - Updated November 8, 2017 02:16 am

Equipment That Helps the Elderly Live At Home Safely

There comes a time when the elderly need assistance when it comes to taking medication and moving around the home. The elderly require various items to keep them safe and comfortable in their homes. The article below provides essential details about the equipment they should have to live safely.

Emergency Response System

It is an electronic device that sends a message in case of emergency. The device has motion detectors that relay usual patterns to a central monitoring system. If something is amiss, there is an emergency team that will be sent to the residence to check and put everything in good order.

Bedroom Products

They include waterproof mattresses, adjustable beds, railings, adult diapers, and many others. Safety rails help to get in and out of bed. Sometimes this can be a painful process and can lead to falls. There are fall and wandering alarms that alert caregivers with audio and visual notifications.

Adaptive Clothing and Shoes

The clothes of the elderly should be simple and with stylish designs. The attire should be adjustable and comfortable to wear. Also, they should be soft and made of a material that cannot irritate the skin. Additionally, proper fitting footwear is essential for comfort and effortless movement in the house to avoid falls.

Specialized Dinnerware: For Easy Eating

There are caring cutleries for the elderly. They have reduced hard and arm grip for comfortable dining. Cutleries with large handles are the best because the old people find it comfortable to use them when eating.

Mobility Products

As people keep getting older, they are not able to walk well. Wheelchairs and walking sticks are equipment that allows the day-to-day movements without depending on someone else. Wheelchairs can come with extra accessories, such as cushions, cup holders, and walker tray.

Grab Bars

It can be dangerous for the elderly to get in and out of the bathtub without support. At times they lose balance. Grab bars are safe and effective in preventing falls. Permanent grab bars are the best because they stick firmly on the walls. In case your landlord does not allow installation of grab bars, use suction cup grab bars, which are better than having none.

Incontinence Products

Incontinence equipment and supplies come in all shapes and sizes. They include bladder control pads, underpads, adult washcloths, portable toilet, waterproof seat protectors, and incontinence product disposal bag. They provide comfort and safety to the elderly.

Skin and Wound Care Products

As one gets old, the skin becomes delicate and requires care. Bandages, lotions, gauzes, and skin cleansers are essential in the home to cater for any wounds. Wounds can be as a result of falling because of diabetes. Whatever the reason, they need treatment as soon as possible. Chronic wounds need professional medical assistance.


They are used in entryways that have steps. Majority of houses are two stories. As one gets old, it becomes tough to climb stairs. The elderly need assistance to move up and down the house comfortably.


There are elderly couples who live in multi-story residence. It is almost impossible to climb stairs if they live on the top floors. Choose apartments that have lifts for effortless movement of the old people in your family. If the place they live has no provision of a lift, consider relocating.

Lift Chairs

At times, it is hard for the elderly to shift sitting positions. Lift chairs have a safety mechanism that allows raising and lowering to sit and stand up. It is a friendly way to gain independence for the elderly. Also, they are more spacious and help reduce the risk of injury.

Easy-To-Use Appliances

Appliances should have controls that are easy to use with automatic shut-off settings. Kitchen tools should be easy and safe to use. Telephones should have large numbers, hands-free capabilities, and speakers, especially for the elderly who have hearing problems. Also, talking wristwatches and clocks can assist those who have poor vision.

Single-Lever Faucets for Bathrooms and Kitchen

Automatic faucets have sensors that detect the presence of hands. Then, water starts to flow automatically. The drain closes the valves when hands are no longer recognized. The elderly can forget to close taps, and this is where faucets play a role in the prevention of water wastage.

There are medical supply stores where you can find all the necessary equipment that meet your requirements. In case you are confused on what product to buy, consult an occupational therapist for guidance.