Posted October 31, 2017 01:35 am - Updated November 24, 2017 03:31 pm

11 Tricks To Get More Done During the Work Day

Productivity doesn’t come easy and sometimes you may feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything you need to. Almost everyone struggles with motivation sometimes, but you can try several tactics to shift your focus to the things that matter.

1) A To-do List

People waste a lot of time on tasks that don’t contribute to their daily goals. Before the day begins, be aware of what you need to achieve. List all the essential duties that require your attention so you can allocate enough time to each one. Don’t be over ambitious with your list, though. You can start with small activities like finally making that dentist appointment or clearing out your garage.

2) Have a System

Don’t just list your chores, have a plan to get through them. An effective system should give you time to do each task and achieve the established objectives. It may take a while to develop a system that suits your responsibilities and personality so be ready to adjust it now and then.

3) Prioritize

Your system should involve putting the most critical tasks first. Evaluate everything you have to do by the end of day and list them in order of importance. Try to include the jobs you don’t want to do at the top of the list. This way you will get through them before your motivation runs out. Prioritizing your tasks ensures that you get the crucial work done before decision fatigue begins to take over.

4) Be Smart with Decisions

60- to 120-second decisions can help you improve productivity. Decision-making can take up a huge fraction of your time and leave you with fewer hours to finish everything else. Sometimes a single decision takes up to 20 minutes to make. To avoid being so extravagant with your time, always set your decisions to take no more than one minute. 

5) Break up Large Tasks

When you have to undertake huge projects like say research or an ad campaign, divide the work into smaller portions. Large tasks can demoralize you before you start, especially when you don’t know the first step. Breaking work into chunks makes it less challenging to monitor progress. 

6) Wake Up Early

“I’m not a morning person” is an excuse that many individuals use to get away with a late start to the day. Forming a habit begins with one step, and that is changing your wake-up call to give you more time to prepare for the day. That extra time provides an opportunity to indulge in some things like replying your mail, checking your social media, and reading the news.

7) Get Enough Sleep

Starting your day early doesn’t mean you have to cut back on your sleep time. Sleep deprivation will mess with your concentration during the day. Schedule your tasks so that they are finished early to allow you to sleep at a decent hour. 

8) Take a Break

Working non-stop can be detrimental to your productivity because the mind will tire faster. Learn to take healthy breaks in between your daily chores. You can go online and look up some motivational quotes to keep you going, read a chapter of a novel, or call a loved one; think of it as rewarding yourself.

9) Reduce Distractions

It is harder to do things efficiently in this day and age what with all the distractions that people encounter. You can avoid wasting time on unproductive activities by getting rid of some common guilty pleasures. Deactivate the notifications on your phone, clear the unnecessary apps no your desktop and disable distracting sites. 

10) Plan your Meetings

A majority of the meeting that you attend may not add a lot of value to your goals. Some of the things said during these meetings can be communicated effectively through email and memos. If a meeting is necessary, make it short and to the point.

11) Be Organized 

Organization can save you a reasonable amount of time as you go about your day-to-day. Arrange your emails to prioritize important messages, so you don’t have to look at all 200 of them, clean your work area before you leave, and lay out your clothes the night before.

Accomplishing everything you hope to at the day’s end is not usually easy because a lot of habits and environmental factors can interfere with your productivity. However, you can capitalize on every chance to motivate yourself and get the work done.