Posted October 12, 2017 04:31 am - Updated October 12, 2017 04:32 am

How to Make the Scariest Halloween Party Ever

The best way to define Halloween parties is by doing so on grounds of their focus on socializing. In actual sense, they usually are not that scary. The ultimate goal and objective is for people to eat together and have fun. However, there are some of these party hosts who would want to take this a notch higher by hosting a scary Halloween party. If this is what you are looking forward to, here are some of the ways to make your Halloween party as scary as you would want to.  

  1. Haunted Field Setting

As the Halloween party host, you can choose to set it out in the forest. Here is what to do.

  • You can keep issues to do with food very simple. Allow guests to just roast marshmallows and hot dogs over a bonfire.

  • Set up tables with Halloween cocktails, brownies, cookies and chips for guests to serve themselves.

  • The scary features should include costumed “spooks” positioned all through the forest that can jump out and frighten unsuspecting guests.

  • A path cutting through tall grass out in the field with few guides located with flashlights can be a perfect option too.

  • Consider positioning one “spook” with a chainsaw without the blade at the last point of the path. The idea here is to crank the chainsaw every moment a group of individuals arrive.

  1. Haunted House Setting

To scare people, a haunted house for your Halloween party would be a perfect setting. Well, you will definitely need to prepare and a lot of help is needed in the pre-party arrangements. This is an exciting approach to make your guests remember the party for many years. Here are important factors to consider when hosting your Halloween party in a haunted house.

  • Location – the most preferred location of a haunted house is normally in a garage, or in a basement. Make sure that house is very dark. As you would deem fit, add dim lights strategically. You may need to cover the windows completely if you want to achieve nearly complete darkness. For the walls, you can drape them using black fabric. You could still use the same fabric to create rooms within the house.

  • Layout – create confusion within the haunted house. Build a maze of rooms to turn around guests and make them lose direction.

  • Props – after the past Halloween, you can make immediate preparations of the next one by searching for scary items such as costumes and props. Consider stocking up genuine looking props borrowed from family and friends. Fog machines, cobweb and dimly lit o’lanterns can make your theme a little better.

  • Participants – identify people who will take part in creating these scary moments especially in playing the parts of goblins and ghouls. You can work with family and friends by asking them to wear scary clothing and station them all through the haunted house. Let your participants gently brush the bodies of unsuspecting guests without necessarily having to touch them.

  • Scary soundtrack – choose some scary soundtracks having spooky music and sounds to play all through the night.

  1. Other Scary Party Ideas

If the first two options of a haunted house and a haunted field don’t work for you, here are other ideas to try out.

  • Ask your friends to dress like spooks and advise them to wander in and out of the scene, stopping to give scary look to guests but without saying anything.

  • From time to time, turn off all the lights and plan with your friends to crawl on the floor grabbing guests’ ankles.

  • Allow guests to tell ghost stories in a dimly lit room

  • Have a “fortune teller” in a separate room, dim the lights and let them hear of their fortunes being told.  

  • Wet strings and hang them from the ceiling of a dimly lit room. These will brush guests in the face and frighten them.

  • Create a chilling ambience using a fog machine

  • Set a zombie room at a distance from the main party area and cover it with locks, chains or a yellow caution tape. Ask some of your friends to rattle the door from the other side of the room. Later on, as you continue with the party, let the door burst wide open and the zombies start to go around the room.

  • Make arrangements with someone to switch off power at a predetermined hour. Act scared like you are not aware of what is happening. Make sure you comment that lights in the neighborhood are still on.  


With all the scary nature of Halloween parties, they can still be full of fun. Try out these ideas to frighten your guests and create a thrilling experience for them.