Posted October 12, 2017 04:44 am - Updated October 12, 2017 04:46 am

The Best Food and Cooking Shows on Netflix Right Now

Cooking is an art with a list of styles that you obviously cannot exhaust. There is fun that goes on around the kitchen and if you have been looking for that, Netflix has a solution for you. Such programs as the “Cooked”, The Great Food Truck Race and Chef’s table have the ability to engage all your senses. Conventionally, we are used to shifting all our focus on the aroma, texture and taste of the food being served. However, there are other important aspects to learn from chefs from all around the world. The presentation of your cooked food is equally important. Here is a list of the best food and cooking shows on Netflix that will work out your salivary glands. Enjoy!

  1. The Great Food Truck Race  

Of course this is not the first time you are hearing about food trucks. At the mention of these food trucks, we all think of trendy delicacies and exhaust fumes. Ideally, this show features Tyler Florence, a media personality who is also a chef. This in its totality is a restaurant on wheels. There are seven food trucks moving in and around cities as they compete for sales. The race is not about speeding but the food itself. It features individuals who spend a lot of time in these tiny enclosed places that are definitely full of fun.  

  1. Giada at Home  

In this show, Giada De Laurentiis who has won the heart of many takes you through a home set up, not necessarily her home. Using her cookwares, she cooks up foods and arranges a party for family and friends. Giada also travels to the beach and prepares different cuisines too.  

  1. Chef’s Table  

This is Netflix’s original show with a docu-series of food and cooking. It centers on internationally renowned chefs. The series is elegantly produced across various nations and looks at the minds of the most acclaimed chefs in the world. Such chefs who have been featured so far include Nancy Silverton from Los Angeles, Tim Raue from Germany and several others. The show brings you culture and different tastes to your table.  

  1. Cooked  

Merely by watching it, this show is all about cooking. However, that is not all. It’s cooking and how it helps in shaping the world. “Cooked” looks at different ways on how brewing, baking and braising shapes changes and culture in our world. The show is quite ambitious and goes ahead to cover issues of the environment, health and poverty.  

  1. Worst Cooks in America  

Wondering why you would watch a show about the worst cooks? Here is something you must know before changing your mind – it is a tale of redemption. The show doesn’t end at the worst part but rather provides a chance for these cooks to redeem themselves and become good cooks. It will be a source of inspiration for you to see chefs like Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay among others struggling to boil water and later on become masters at making gourmet delicacies.  

  1. A Cook Abroad  

By just reading the title, you would definitely want to watch this show. Here, expert chefs try out a variety of recipes as they move around the world. Maybe this is a familiar story you have heard before but this particularly is from BBC. That means there is an aspect of refined sophistication and honesty.  

  1. Tasting The Menu  

This is a time to analyze the details of your cooking. Kiwi chef Nick Watt shows some great dishes from a New Zealand origin though with a Japanese twist.  Watt has travelled round the world and he makes use of all the culinary inspirations that he was able to pick up along the way and shows them to his fellow in Auckland to taste the menu.  

  1. Chopped​ 

Looking at the activities in this show, you can easily relate with it. The setting looks like your usual cooking-competition event at first. It takes a number of chefs both amateurs and experts. Each is given a mystery basket with random foods to prepare three different meals usually an entrée, an app and a dessert. If anyone mucks up, they get chopped. As they carry out this exercise, you get to learn a few things here and there. Judges discuss the contents to ensure that those who were chopped know the reasons as to why they were chopped!

These indeed are amazing food and cooking shows on Netflix to get you going. There is plenty to learn especially on food and its connection to different practices and cultures around the world.