Posted October 11, 2017 03:15 am

Find Your Decorating Style

You’ve met the one, gotten married and moved into the house of your dreams. Now, you’re staring at beautiful, blank walls and you have no idea what comes next.

Finding your decorating style can be daunting, especially when you’re sifting through look-books of perfectly staged show rooms with designer textiles. Fortunately, figuring out your own design taste doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as it might seem. Essentially, you start by picking what you like.

As you look around, you’ll notice that there are no rules as far as design coordinates with geographic region. Homes in one city or state can vary widely on the inside in terms of decorating tastes. Even within one home, rooms can be drastically different or themed similarly.

To get a handle on what you’re attracted to design-wise, you might take advantage of one of the many quizzes available as a starting point. You can delve into styles one at a time until you find a couple favorites. Take heart, there is no possible way to mess up a preference; you can’t pick a wrong design.

If you’re drawn to mirrored tabletops, round accents, and sleek, wood lines, you might try out the Art Deco style. Popular in the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirties, it provides lots of eclectic ways to mix and match quirky pieces.

Do you appreciate solidly built furniture, local materials, and not a lot of “fluff”? You might be drawn to the Arts and Crafts style. Popular in the early twentieth century, this genre is all about leaving the good stuff uncomplicated. Rich woods, love, and labor go into building craftsman and bungalow style pieces.

Natural fibers, ornate patterns, soothing colors, and pops of bright accents are characteristic of an Asian style. This sort of decorating originates from countries like Vietnam, Japan, and China.

Coastal decorating might appeal to you if you’re a fan of the beach, in all its breezy glory. Whites, pastels, sheer material, and light wood come together to create a peaceful sort of decorating.

Contemporary design may appeal to you if you like simple, geometric shapes, muted neutrals, and pops of color here and there. Shapes are typically sleek an uncomplicated, while materials range from metal to wood to plastics and everything in between.

Country style combines cozy patterns, wood tones, and white paint. Florals, animal patterns, and plaids are favorites among country design fans.

Bohemian design allows for creativity to run free. With few restrictions, colors, patterns, and textures can play together in harmony, regardless of how loud or quiet they might be. Geometric patterns, florals, shag, and burlap are all at home within a “boho” environment.

Industrial design utilizes lots of metals, clear textiles, sleek lines, neutral colors, and a minimum of “extras” to achieve a sharp, distinctive look within a space.

There is freedom in creation. Learning to craft just enough to incorporate your own touches into whichever style you select can be liberating… and a lot of fun. Mason jars, flea market finds, and thrift stores are great places to start when it comes to adding your own flair to a space. Utilizing weekends or free time for do-it-yourself (DIY)projects can be a great way to exercise a little innovation.

Truly, finding your design style can be a ton of fun. Experimenting with textiles, furniture styles, projects, and colors can be a way to learn about yourself, your roommates, and the people you love. Take the opportunity to delve in and remember- you can’t mess it up! As long as you enjoy your space, you’re in the right.