Posted October 10, 2017 03:47 am

7 ways to jump start healthy change in your life

At the end of the year approaching and the new year coming up, with promises of changes, growth, and breakthroughs- lies a great opportunity to be re-inspired to focus on our health. There are many different ways to jumpstart your health to make changes in your life. All it takes is commitment to the details of your health and being conscientious enough to take preventable action. Here are 7 ways in particular to jumpstart a healthy change in your life.

1. Jumpstart Your Morning Metabolism

As you sleep, your body becomes dehydrated and is in need of being hydrated when you wake. Do yourself a favor by drinking a full glass of room temperature water in the morning first thing. By squeezing a lemon into the water is said to be a remedy to help eliminate toxins and jump-starting your metabolism and digestive system. 

2. Juicing

A great way to get the full benefits of the nutrition of fruits and vegetables is juicing them into a healthy drink. When you cook fruits or vegetables, some of their nutritional content is lost. Since it isn't always fun to eat raw all of the time, juicing offers a fun alternative to consume a full amount of nutrients. Try juicing various green leafy vegetables with an apple to get a sweeter taste. Or a fruit with a tomato and carrot. Many healthy recipes can be found online. 

3. Eat for Fuel

Many people go on diets thinking that starvation, extreme calorie restriction or other means of reducing food intake is necessary. However, with more frequent, smaller and healthier meals- you will be less tempted to pick out processed or fast food in a reaction to hunger. You will also have energy all day and your mood will be lifted if you are not ravenous and feed your body with what it needs every few hours.
In more extreme cases, sometimes weight loss at a more rapid pace is needed. Check with your doctor, but a very effective calorie restricted diet is the Military diet, which involves small, frequent meals at a much higher calorie restriction. In this short term diet, it is to be said one can lose up to ten pounds per week. Ice cream is even allowed in this diet, to help cope with feelings of restriction.

4. Be Mindful of Portion Size

Weight loss in health is simple, but sometimes difficult to follow. The less calories you eat or the more you burn, the more weight is lost. In America, portion sizes sold in restaurants or stores can frequently be over recommended size. A good rule of thumb for size is nor more than the size of your palm, and for fat or butter, about the size of your thumbnail. 

5. Health Benefits of Water

There are many benefits of drinking water. Our bodies are mostly composed of water and require frequent hydration. Staying hydrated does wonder for your skin and brightness in appearance but it also helps to fill you up faster so you eat less and don't mistake thirst for hunger. A simple way to include more water in your day is to sip on water during meals and have a designated bottle during the day with you.

6. Eliminating Salts and Sodium

According to the American Heart Association, no more than 1,500 mg of sodium should be consumed per day. Some suggestions to cut back on sodium are to cook at home with fresh ingredients more often and use spices instead of salt to flavor your meals. Look for foods labeled with less sodium or sodium free.

7. Find New Recipes

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. Chances are, maybe you have a food board on Pinterest, or maybe you have a cookbook somewhere in your home or your local book shop. Spend some time everyday browsing and give some new recipes a try! Depending on what season, certain fruits and vegetables may be less expensive. Check to see what is in season in order to plan cost effective and healthy meals to serve you and your family. 
With the ability to be consistent and conscious, a great change in your health can be around the corner. Implementing some of these tools to jump-start your health will promise some good results.