Pet stories can make conversation interesting

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.


– Anatole France


So I was at the Augusta History Museum’s Brown Bag lunch Wednesday and the people at my table were kind enough to ask about my two little terriers.

Like you, I’m always eager to share family dog news, and this opened it up for others at the table to talk about their furry companions ... and then one of the ladies started talking about her house goat.

At first I thought she said “house coat,” and was confused, thinking maybe the table conversation had transitioned into a debate on informal-wear, but no, she has a small goat that likes a spot by the fireplace and jumping on the bed.

A goat.

Well, because I’m always on the lookout for cutting edge journalism, I asked if we could come out to her place and write about it. (We have not featured a good goat story in a while.) But she declined. Maybe if she reads this, however, she’ll change her mind.


YOUR MAIL: Seth Kantz, of North Augusta, sent a postcard and writes: “My GT (‘Gifted and Talented’) class from Paul Knox Middle School went on a field trip to Camp Greenville in Cedar Moutain, N.C. It was a fun, three-day camp where we learned about earth science and how to survive in the wilderness. We had a great time.”

(Sounds cool, Seth. See any goats?)

Charles and Mary Reeves, of Harlem, sent greetings from Bonita Beach, Fort Myers, Naples and Sanibel Island, Fla., where they enjoyed beautiful weather.

Finally, a special thanks to Allen Radcliffe, of Aiken. After reading my Sunday column about how easy it is to find photos of the houses where one used to live on the Internet, he e-mailed me two photos. One shows him as a toddler with his father in front of a house in Leesburg, Fla. in the 1940s. The other shows him and his wife Nola standing in front of the same house today.

His folks had lived in central Florida back then and he was recently in the area visiting.

“On a lark, I decided to look up on the Internet the house where we lived. We drove to the house and took a picture of my wife and I standing outside it very near the spot my dad and I stood 69 years ago! ... I have no memories of my time there (too young), but I can tell you it was a special feeling to be standing there again.”


TODAY’S JOKE: Bill Wood, of Hephzibah, shares this one.

Two small boys met during their first day at school.

“My name is Billy. What’s yours?” asked the first boy.

“Tommy,” replied the second.

“My daddy is an accountant. What does your daddy do for a living?” asked Billy.

Tommy replied, “My daddy is a lawyer.”

“Honest?” asked Billy.

“No, just the normal kind,” replied Tommy.



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