Recuperating little white dog gets special treatment

Christmas is love in action.


– Dale Evans


Our beloved little white dog is spending his Christmas mending.

We suspect he hurt his back leg jumping off an upstairs bed at the sound of a downstairs dinner plate being slightly grazed with a steak knife.

He underwent an operation in Columbia last week, skillfully completed by one of the nation’s top little white dog surgeons.

His misery has become our family’s holiday theme.

While the rest of us in the house are wearing red Santa hats and sipping egg nog, he’s wearing a white funnel and limping around the den like a furry, four-legged Victrola.

But he doesn’t limp for long. At the first sign of a yearning for mobility, one of three household humans will rush to his whimper and carry him where he wants to go.

Up steps and down.

Outside or in.

And everyone keeps furtively slipping him “treats.”

We (well, my wife mostly) manipulate his wounded leg at least three times daily in prescribed “therapy.” And she and me and our son take turns curling up on the floor with him and stroking his little funnel-head and scratching the ears he can’t get to.

He should get his funnel-hat off a week from today, and we (and I am sure he) can’t wait.

I’d forgotten how time slows down this time of year.


CHRISTMAS MUSIC: Did you hear any favorite church music this weekend? I’m still taking e-mail votes for you favorite Christmas song?

Mary, Did You Know? is the current leader.


WOOF-WOOF: Former Bulldog Coach Vince Dooley will be at the Kroger at 2801 Washington Road from 4 to 6 today autographing books and things. He is one of the few Bulldogs my wife speaks kindly of, because, as she graciously points out, they are both Auburn grads.


TODAY’S QUESTION: If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?


TODAY’S JOKE: This one came in anonymously in a very nice stamped envelope.

A husband and wife arrived at the car dealership to pick up a new car when the manager apologized and said the keys had been locked inside.

“But don’t worry,” he said, “we have one of our bright, young technicians working to open the doors.”

They wandered to the rear of the shop and found the young man diligently working on the passenger side door.

As he stood there, the husband instinctively reached for the driver side door latch and gave it a yank. The door swung open.

“Hey,” he called the young man, “this one’s open!”

The young man looked up a bit frustrated and said, “I know. I already got that side.”



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