Bad weather delays start of Game 3

PHILADELPHIA --- Game 3 of the World Series was delayed before it ever started Saturday night by a storm system that carried in heavy rain and gusty winds.


"We're going to play baseball tonight," commissioner Bud Selig said at 8 p.m., about a half-hour before Tampa Bay and Philadelphia were scheduled to begin.

"The front is going through. We have three different weather services, and we've been talking to them all day," he said.

Eventually, first pitch was scheduled for 10 p.m.

The bad weather prevented either team from getting on the field for batting practice or starting pitchers Jamie Moyer and Matt Garza from warming up.

The tarp at Citizens Bank Park covered the field and fans huddled under the overhangs and crowded the concourses to watch No. 3 Penn State play No. 10 Ohio State on television.

A few hardy souls sat in seats behind the dugout, covered by plastic sheeting that whipped wildly.

"If you called a game off every day starting April 6 because it rained sometime during the game, you'd play 'til Feb. 8," Selig said. "So people are used to it. And by the way, the parking lots are jammed, and people are here."

Puddles formed on the warning track and pools collected on the tarp before the Phillies' first home World Series game since 1993.

Rays manager Joe Maddon was just glad the delay was in a modern ballpark.

"If you're in Fenway, in that clubhouse, it gets kind of annoying," he said. "The clubhouse is, what, maybe half this size. And when you have all the amenities and you get yourself a nice cheesesteak while you're waiting or watch a game on the tube ... this kind of facility ameliorates that situation a bit."

His use of "ameliorates" brought laughter from a room of reporters.

Maddon wondered how his starting pitcher would spend the time.

"Matt Garza is a different story. I don't know what he's going to do. If there's a padded room around here, I'd really like to know about it, so he can go there and bounce around for a bit," he said.



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