Supplies lists for Richmond County schools

These supplies are recommended as being useful for students in the identified grade level groups. Individual schools may suggest additional supplies during registration or will have sent home a supply request with the last report card. (Specific brands can't be specified.)


Elementary School Grades K-2

• a box of Kleenex tissues

• a box of crayons - basic 8 colors

• primary pencils (grades pk-k)

• #2 lead pencils (grades 3-5)

• scissors (rounded blades)

• pocket folders

• glue sticks

• picture story paper for drawing and writing - 1x1/2 inch alternating broken lines white newsprint (grades k-1 and first semester grade 2)

• newsprint for the beginning writer (ruled with 1 1/8 x 9/16 grade k; 2/3 x 5/16 grade 1; 1/2/x ¼ grade 2)

• book covers

• daily planners for homework assignments

• Journal composition book black marble cover primary-ruled space for text and drawing

Elementary School Grades 3-5

• a box of Kleenex tissues

• Wide-ruled spiral note books for Language Arts, Social Studies

• Wide-ruled black marble cover composition notebooks for Mathematics and Science

• Journal Composition book black marble cover with special ruled white paper for text and drawing

• pocket folders with brads

• basic 8 color colored markers

• colored pencils

• #2 lead pencils

• 24 colors box of crayons

• glue sticks

• book covers

• daily planners for homework assignments

• ink/ball point pens (blue or black)

• wide ruled loose leaf paper OR ½ x ¼ broken lines (relative to child's motor skill development)

• computer (home use)

Middle School Grades 6-8

• A folder with pockets and brads for each subject area

• Wide-ruled spiral notebooks for Language Arts, Social Studies

• Wide-ruled marbled patterned composition hard cover margin ruled books for Science and Mathematics

• Journal Composition Book black marble cover wide-ruled, margin-rule sheets, cloth binding

• Ball point/ink pens-blue or black

• Three ring binders

• Loose leaf lined paper-wide ruled

• Compass, protractor, 12 inch ruler

• Graphing calculator for Algebra

• Graph paper

• Colored magic markers

• Colored pencils

• Basic scientific calculator-regular mathematics

• Book covers

• #2 lead pencils

• computer (flash drive or jump drive)

• computer (home use)

High School Grades 9-12

• wide-ruled spiral note book for Language Arts and Social Studies

• composition book for Science and Mathematics-black marble hard cover 10 x 7/8 wide ruled or college ruled with red margin rule

• Journal Composition book black marble hard cover wide rule-wide ruled sheets or college ruled sheets with margin-ruled sheets, cloth binding

• Wide-rule filler or college ruled filler paper with red margin 8 1/2 x 11 inches

• Ink/ball point pens (blue or black)

• Highlighter markers

• Bookmarks

• Colored markers

• Scientific graphing calculators

• #2 lead pencils

• computer (flash drive or jump drive)

• computer (home)

• purchase of a locker at school

• purchase of a parking permit for school campus

• library cards-public, university or college



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