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Can you tell us the make and model of this 2011 vehicle? For example, your entry might be to the effect of: the Pontiac Banshee.

Call (706) 823-3419 or e-mail your entry to glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com.

We need your complete name, the city or area you live in, and your telephone number. If you call, please spell your name so we can include you.

If you have any comments about this vehicle, please include them. Comments will be edited for space and content.

You get an extra week for this contest. The deadline is noon July 20. A winner will be pulled randomly and the results run July 22.

Last week's photo showed a section of the 2011 Bentley Continental GT. For a better look at the big two-door, see this week's road test and a more comprehensive photograph in Friday's paper.

Chosen randomly from the correct entries was the name of Jim Muraski, of Martinez, who wrote:

"This week's car is a 2011 Bentley Continental GT. This car's engine is a uniquely designed W-12 cylinder that puts out 567 horsepower and 516 foot-pounds of torque and propels this large coupe from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 198 mph." 

He wins a gift from The Augusta Chronicle .

Other readers identifying the Continental GT were:

AUGUSTA: Carolyn Ogles wrote: "Looking forward to the review as the 2012 is similar to the 2011. Yikes! Look at the price!"

CANTON, GA.: David T. Anderson wrote: "Wow, from expensive (last time's Mercedes-Benz CLS550) to super expensive in one week. Well, if we're fanaticizing about cars, why not go for broke? Bentley is of course aimed at the most well-heeled among the well-heeled and the Bentley Motors Web site does not even list prices. I knew it was going to be in the stratosphere and had to go to Edmunds.com to see the starting pirce of $189,900!  For that, you get a mostly hand-built, exquisite piece of automotive machinery, with a 6-liter, 12-cylinder engine putting out 567 horsepower to an all-wheel-drive system.

"If you feel the need to go even faster, you can opt for the Continental Supersports model with 627 horsepower and other modifications allowing for a top speed over 200 mph!

"Bentley was once owned by Rolls-Royce, and under their guidance was basically nothing but entry-level Rolls clones. That's not a shabby gig, if that's the market you're aiming for, but the heritage of Bentley was so much more than that. Bentley was acquired by Volkswagen several years ago, (they also own Audi, Bugatti and Lamborghini) and since then, has been rebuilding its high-end performance with a touch of ultra-luxury image. 

"I drive past the only Bentley dealer in the state on my way to and from work, and they currently have a lease special of only $2,995 a month.  Any takers out there?"

CUMMING, GA.: Chris Rhodes

EVANS: Wayne Wilke wrote: "A great-looking coupe with a gigantic price tag."

Also, Jerry Paul

MARTINEZ: Jeff Miller wrote: "Last week's car is a 2011 Bentley Continental GT. The engine of choice would be a twin turbocharged 12-cylinder 6-liter (That's about 365 cubic inches.  Every week I have to convert these liters to cubic inches for 'you people.'  I should be getting paid!).  It generates a massive 567 horsepower and a Pirelli-peeling 516 foot-pounds of torque. That could be impressive -- if not for the fact that behemoth of a Bentley pushes the scales to more than 5,000 pounds.

"Attached to that engine is a six-speed ZF Quickshift automatic transmission (six speeds in an automatic sounds like a lot but, that will never match the infinitely geared transmission of Starsky & Hutch's red with white stripes Ford Gran Torino from the '70s!).

"Oh, and by the way, this Bentley comes in at a miserly, paltry, petty-cash fund, penny-pinching, spare-change price of just less than $200,000! Ouch!"



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