Zia Rehman

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 22:31

Letter: Red lights a running problem

Letter: Put Sharia in perspective

Simply stated, Sharia, an Arabic word, means “the way to the watering hole,” or “the path to righteousness.” There are six principles of... Read more

Letter: Re-educate new Muslims

It is not a surprise that many terrorists turn out to be from Pakistan, and almost all of them from the lower class of Pakistani society. In... Read more

Letter: Carson wrong on Islam

Sometimes a perfectly intelligent man unwittingly shoots himself in the foot. Ben Carson’s remark that he does not advocate putting a Muslim... Read more

Letter: Freedom is not a weapon

Two-hundred and twenty-four years ago, the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights was adopted, guaranteeing the freedom of speech and thought.... Read more

Letter: ISIS fear exaggerated

Fearmongering, the ISIS, the war in the Middle East and Obama-bashing have become our favorite topics of discourse in absence of something more... Read more

Letter: What ails Islamic world?

Baffled by the sudden surge of militancy under the banner of Islam in some countries in the Middle East, we are now faced with another war in the... Read more

Letter: Amend Second Amendment

The Second Amendment needs an amendment.

The Constitution is an ever-evolving document. Amendments are made according to changing times and... Read more

Letter: Fight continues against 'crackpots'...

Who said back in 2008 that presidential candidate Barack Obama is too inexperienced to become commander in chief of U.S. forces? A Quick Draw... Read more