William Zimmerman

Letter: How can this be fair?

Is this the largest miscarriage of justice ever?

The Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, was being actively... Read more

Letter: What's up with Romney?...

What is it with the Republican so-called elite?

I tell my family, friends and acquaintances that the only time I write... Read more

Letter: Nation's corruption grows...

Increasingly, we have become a nation closer to an ancient Roman Empire – a Sodom and Gomorrah society rather than the nation envisioned by... Read more

Letter: We need another party

Perhaps it is time for a new political party.

I have professed to being “independent conservative” because I don’t like... Read more

Letter: Corruption is expected

Although it has long been known in Illinois about the graft, corruption and downright crooked politics embedded in Cook County – Chicago –... Read more

Letter: Dems actually socialists

Regarding the Democrats’ presidential debate hosted by CNN on Oct. 13, I recalled Soviet Chairman Nikita Khrushchev emphatically stating in... Read more

Letter: Trump brings fresh air

I am an independent conservative. I am not a Republican per se, and my reasoning is that the Grand Old Party has become just that – ... Read more

Letter: Perhaps it's too late for us...

Recently, President Obama said it was a fantasy to think that we could arm Syrian rebels (farmers, merchants and doctors) with small arms to be... Read more

Letter: Put Shinseki in perspective

Concerning the huge controversy over the ineptness, apathy and incompetence of the bureaucracy of this Big Government-run military health system,... Read more

Letter: Nation's future bleak...

We are the laughingstock of the world.

We have a weak, all-talk-and-no-action, empty-suit President. We have an even weaker Congress. In... Read more