William Davis

Letter: Audit worth the money

The Augusta Commission voted recently to issue bonds to further finance the Laney-Walker/Bethlehem Revitalization Project. There are those... Read more

Letter: Free speech for everyone

Much has been made recently about the subject of free speech, in particular the statements made by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.... Read more

Letter: Call tax what it is

As conservatives, we should stop allowing the liberal media in general, and Obama sycophants in particular, to use the words “Bush tax cuts.”... Read more

Letter: Dems fulfill vile mission

This program was never – I repeat, never – about health care. It was, from the very beginning, an attempt to destroy the private health-... Read more

Letter: Phrase is worn-out cliche

If I hear one more city leader use the tired bromide “move the city forward,” I think I’ll scream!

Who doesn’t want to move this... Read more

Letter: So far, so good -- let's finish the job...

Recent headlines have indicated an unexpected increase in holiday spending. A surprise indeed, considering the current state of the economy. What... Read more

Letter: City needs some tips on new budget

Regarding the Augusta Commission's approval of the 2011 budget, one issue concerns me greatly. I feel that cutting the sheriff's office budget by... Read more

Letter: The big revolution is coming Nov. 2

There are 12 days until the revolution. Some may ask, "What revolution?"

I would answer:

- a revolution against arrogant anti-... Read more

Letter: Thank you so much, President Obama

Frequently, this forum receives letters from those of the liberal persuasion who wish to praise President Obama for various reasons. Believe it or... Read more

Letter: House Democrats carved nation's epitaph...


March 21, 2010 -- a date that will live in infamy.

On this day the House of Representatives of the United States put into... Read more