Will Tinney

Letter: Don't sell college short...

Recently, online publication The Fiscal Times published an article by Beth Braverman titled, “These 10 Colleges are the Biggest Waste of... Read more

Letter: Past filibuster issue differed

Just recently, the U.S. Senate voted to remove the filibuster rule for appointments by a 52-48 vote (all but three Democrats in favor and all... Read more

Letter: Flat tax is fairer than most

The president speaks of fairness within the tax system but, in truth, our current tax system is abhorrently unfair – for more well-to-do people.... Read more

Letter: Dems ruin Social Security

Over the past several months on editorial pages – as well as in Republican debates having to do with the party’s nominee for president – we have... Read more

Letter: Occupiers are hypocrites

I am writing concerning the hypocrisy of the Occupy Wall Street (and their affiliated) protesters.

First, look at their selectivity. If a... Read more

Letter: Don't demonize public criticism of ideas...

Recently, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and Sen. John McCain, later when asked, stated that when a certain soldier expressed his... Read more

Letter: Vote for whom the media fear most

In the world of imperfect candidates – candidates who across the line just never seem to maintain conservative principles, both social and... Read more

Letter: Gay rights issue should not be state issue

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who has been putting out feelers for an attempt to run for the Oval Office, said that gay rights was a states' rights... Read more

Letter: Birthers' argument actually has weight...

Although I have been somewhat hands-off about the "birthers'" argument concerning President Obama and the questions surrounding his birth --... Read more

Letter: If we won't fight to win, then pull out...

Rand Paul, senator-elect from Kentucky, vaguely outlined his position concerning the war in Afghanistan and troop levels that may be cut in the... Read more