Walter Schmidt

Letter: Don't butcher anthem...

I have stood it as long as I can!

If one is bound and determined to sing the national anthem in public, for the sake of... Read more

Letter: The system isn't that unfair...

I read Tunk Martin’s letter (“The system is unfair,” Dec. 20) with great interest, and rebut two of his major points.

... Read more

Letter: Liberal letters fall flat

In response to Jim McGaughy’s April 23 letter (“If Republicans win in 2016, look out”), concerning Republicans favoring the “well-to-do,” this... Read more

Letter: He's un-American...

The absolute worst and most dangerous enemy that the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life ever faced now sits in the highest office in... Read more

Letter: President disrespectful

It never ceases to amaze me why Democrats in Congress, especially those in the Senate, continually and habitually allow their party leader, King... Read more