Victoria E. Antonacci

Letter: Our society is crumbling

I was once asked if I knew the difference between an ethical man and a moral man. I was unsure of the answer, which is: An ethical man knows that... Read more

Letter: Summitt won on many levels

It is with regret that I read of the retirement of Pat Summitt, the coach for the University of Tennessee’s women’s basketball team. She was more... Read more

Letter: I'm finally ashamed to be an American...

During my first European tour as part of my graduate work, my friends and I were waiting at Orly Airport in Paris to board our plane. A French... Read more

Letter: Murder verdict casts shame on nation

The recent acquittal of Casey Anthony of the murder of her 2-year- old daughter, Caylee, is a travesty of justice.

The verdict has far-... Read more

Letter: Take better ownership of our safety

I recently watched the movie The King's Speech . In one scene the Archbishop of Canterbury tells the king about his duties. The king's... Read more

Letter: Steer our kids in the right direction

Regardless of the individual belief in whether or not to accept the Bible literally, one should read the Bible as a source of excellent advice.... Read more