Victoria E. Antonacci

Letter: Address these burdens

Where are the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now that Whitney Houston’s daughter appears to have succumbed to the same drug habit that killed... Read more

Letter: Enough Clooney, already

I find it hard to believe that so many people care about George Clooney’s wedding that it makes daily headlines.

Victoria E.... Read more

Letter: I'm fed up with TV...

I made a decision several days ago and followed through with action. I canceled my television provider service and will not get another service. I... Read more

Letter: Where real power lies

Knowledge is a powerful motivator. The precepts thought of and known to such humanists as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and John Stuart Mill should be... Read more

Letter: Case erodes pride, respect

There are several observations to be made on the trial and verdict in the George Zimmerman case.

First, why was the jury made up of women,... Read more

Letter: Are we apathetic on safety?

Here are a few questions that surely many people are asking:

First, Joe Paterno died in disgrace. His statue at Penn State has been taken... Read more

Letter: Religion has been divisive

Cal Thomas wrote a column titled “His ‘other gospel’” in the May 19 Chronicle. While I agree with Mr. Thomas’ criticism of Barack Obama’s... Read more