Victor Reilly

Letter: Ban all assault weapons

The National Rifle Association has our government so cowed that we cannot rid ourselves of the military-style weapons in the hands of... Read more

Letter: Have we learned nothing?

Is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a traitor?

After the Revolutionary War, we governed with the Articles of Confederation for 10 or... Read more

Letter: Court is paternalistic

In the Hobby Lobby case, which we must know affects only women, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that an employer could deny, through its health... Read more

Letter: GOP should reconsider

Compassionate conservatism, a rallying cry not too long ago of the Republican Party – what has happened to it?

The Affordable Care Act, a.k.... Read more

Letter: Two strange concepts

It was as recent as 1976 that the Supreme Court first introduced the idea that money counts as speech – a slippery slope that has since then... Read more

Letter: Ban dangerous fracking

A vital difference is that Earth is a greenhouse and Mars is not. We have gases in our atmosphere that absorb heat rays radiating from the sun-... Read more

Letter: Put the limit in perspective

This is about the angry and continuing battle over the public debt limit. The only mention of the public debt in the Constitution is in the 14th... Read more

Letter: Keep mixed-oxide plant open

On further thought, my position is that reducing plutonium stocks is urgent and dictates starting mixed-oxide fuel at the earliest possible time... Read more

Letter: Shutter mixed-oxide plant

Making mixed oxide nuclear reactor fuel was begun as one of several ways to dispose of excess nuclear-weapons-grade plutonium, its continuing... Read more

Letter: Obama needs independents

There is an ancient curse that warns: Be careful – you may get what you want. Let us consider then what a Mitt Romney presidency would be like.... Read more