Victor J. Reilly

Letter: Rethink nuclear defense

There should be no question that the worst thing that could happen in the next presidential term would be a thermonuclear war. Our nuclear... Read more

Letter: Nuke waste is safe here

It happened at Savannah River Site recently – there apparently will be no further funding to complete the mixed-oxide fuel program. There... Read more

Letter: Killing Saddam led to ISIS

Iraq’s borders were established right after the end of World War I.

Its people are Sunni and Shia Muslims and Turks. They... Read more

Letter: Speaker must be fair

The Constitution states that the speaker of the House is selected by its members. We know with little doubt that the next speaker will be a... Read more

Letter: Solve waste problem

Mixed-oxide fuel is a small part of a huge problem that we share with Russia, the accumulation and storage of plutonium pits, two of which can... Read more

Letter: States deny health care

The Supreme Court has again saved Obamacare from an early end. However, there remains a deadly problem with denial of coverage.

The... Read more

Letter: Swap aid with diplomacy

Worldwide, Sunni and Shia Muslims generally live together in peace. Even recently in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, they got along. However, today, in... Read more

Letter: Rethink plutonium storage

In three months, 70 years of nearly constant warfare in the world will have passed in which not a single nuclear weapon was used. If that isn’t... Read more

Letter: Iran solution workable

We may have achieved a diplomatic solution with Iran. We, along with Germany, France, China and Russia, have agreed with Iran on a way to allow... Read more

Letter: I'm lucky; others aren't...

I was born in 1921 of middle-income parents. When I entered elementary school, I soon realized I was one of the smartest students in the class,... Read more