Tunk Martin

Letter: Distrust of police is real

Blacks in general and black men in particular seem to be a natural enemy to police generally and white police specifically. The bad blood... Read more

Letter: Enact new gun laws

Taking a shot at the most explosive issue of our times – gun violence – I’ll start with something we can all agree on: We have a tremendous... Read more

Letter: Do black lives matter?

Indulge me with straight talk to straighten some things out that are conveniently overlooked or otherwise unmentioned.

Blacks die at the... Read more

Letter: A new day has arrived

The recent slaughter of nine black members of a Charleston, S.C., African Methodist Episcopal church – allegedly by a self-proclaimed white racist... Read more

Letter: Remember our fallen

I am not, nor have I ever been, in the armed forces. But I understand the need for such.

Often men and women go off to war without a clear... Read more

Letter: Need a change of pace?

By now most visitors to the CSRA for Masters Week are situated and accommodated by friendly people and beautiful places exhibiting a healthy dose... Read more

Letter: Government is too fat

I’m a staunch, unabashed, unashamed Democrat who, unlike most black party members, will split my vote based on the issue and what stand is being... Read more

Letter: King's words resonate...

Here we go again – disagreeing, disapproving and disintegrating because of distrust, disgust and disrespect.

We have been warned generation... Read more

Letter: CIA torture was wrong

President George W. Bush’s zeal to retaliate and intimidate culprits after the horrors of 9/11 enabled and encouraged the CIA to punish and... Read more

Letter: Learn about Edgefield

Hold a minute. There’s a misconception regarding race relations here in Edgefield County, S.C.

People here believe in the Constitution and... Read more