Tommy Smith

Letter: Clinton's acts damaging...

Despite documentation and identification to the contrary, an earnest young man at airport security stated he must search a package I carried... Read more

Letter: Hillary has to be lying

In a day-one briefing at the former U.S. Army Security Agency, the presenter spoke with great emphasis: “Do not become compromised. Be it sex, an... Read more

Letter: Stamp out dictatorship

In May 1959, Time magazine reported the wave of decrees by Fidel Castro that eventually collapsed the Cuban economy and created decades... Read more

Letter: Nation takes wrong turn

As a Carter Democrat, I was enraged by the few Republicans who, to the bitter end, chose to criticize the prosecutors and defend Richard Nixon and... Read more

Letter: Administration incompetent

Leadership forums teach that 40 percent of leaders who move into higher positions will fail within 18 months. Noted educator Laurence Peter termed... Read more

Letter: Novice president has made us less free

We should have told the Democrats that The Hudsucker Proxy was just theater. Having taken it seriously, they nominated a complete novice... Read more