Tom Hunter

Letter: AP is covering for Obama

It’s interesting to see the Associated Press photo and “wire reports” story from February on President Obama shooting a shotgun at Camp David to... Read more

Letter: Journalism today is a joke

I nearly fell on the floor when I saw the byline for a Dec. 16 story out of Columbia on South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley. It actually... Read more

Letter: AP keeps going negative

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Letter: Liberal media bias still problem

The recent addition of new wire services for The Augusta Chronicle, to provide balance for liberal Associated Press stories, is a start,... Read more

Letter: Bad journalism saps nation's freedom...

Freedom comes with a price, but it won't be journalism that pays it.

The May 29 Augusta Chronicle cartoon, which had a price tag... Read more

Letter: AP surreptitiously spreads socialism

The recent letter ("AP 'analysis' designed to skew views," April 20) suggesting the Associated Press had a mole inside The Augusta Chronicle's... Read more

Letter: Look carefully at who AP's friends are...

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Letter: Incompetent Democrats keep winning

Columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote Dec. 18 that liberal Democrat President Obama got himself out of a difficult situation by supporting the... Read more

Letter: AP bias aims to warp political discourse

In September, I wrote a letter to the editor which curbed the enthusiasm of Republicans hoping for big victories in November's midterm elections,... Read more

Letter: AP still shows its incredible bias


The old story about crying "wolf" when there's no wolf, and not being taken seriously should there really be a wolf, applies to... Read more