Tom Hunter

Letter: AP still is up to no good

The liberal Associated Press has taken the suspense out of who wins the 2016 presidential election, and why.

Democrat... Read more

Letter: AP subverts democracy

The Augusta Chronicle has handed over much of its coverage of the statehouses in Atlanta and Columbia (both with Republican governors) to... Read more

Letter: AP props up president

The New York Times, which mainstream journalists point to with pride, released a long investigative article April 18 that reveals the... Read more

Letter:AP is in fantasy world

The socialist Associated Press is in Fantasy Land, and is using that – and 1,250 U.S. newspapers – to bring down America and democracy.

With... Read more

Letter: 'King' gave royal treatment...

Reading Scott Michaux’s column (“Film offers a peek into incredible life of ‘King’,” April 6) – about the April 13 Golf Channel tribute to Arnold... Read more

Letter: Slanted puffery continues

In a Jan. 16 liberal Associated Press story, we are treated to another Democrat/socialist propaganda piece disguised as a “news story” so that no... Read more

Letter: Liberal media defend Dems

Two letters to the editor Dec. 7 – Pearl Harbor Day – show the state of the country.

In the first letter, which complains about Obamacare... Read more

Letter: 'Applause' story touching...

One of the great showbiz stories of the year played out in real time, and in your daily newspaper.

The Augusta Chronicle’s Don... Read more

Letter: AP is covering for Obama

As I read the May 1 locally written editorial “A falling interest rate” – about new revelations in the 2012 Benghazi attack – I see a ray of hope... Read more

Letter: AP is covering for Obama

It’s interesting to see the Associated Press photo and “wire reports” story from February on President Obama shooting a shotgun at Camp David to... Read more