Terrence Bedell

Letter: Be ashamed of this debacle

It is revealing to note, when reading the opinion pages, the comments made by writers of various political stripes regarding the U.S. debt, and... Read more

Letter: So which party is 'stupid'?...

This is regarding Michael Ledo’s letter Feb. 13 (“GOP still ‘the stupid party’”) leveling allegations of Republican “stupidity” for the use of... Read more

Letter: Seek violence's true cause...

The current obsession with gun-law additions completely overlooks the root cause of the increase in mass shootings in public venues occurring over... Read more

Letter: Obama's folly is evident...

With the election looming in our headlights in less than two months, it’s incredible to me that so many of us still cleave to President Obama as... Read more

Letter: Mr. 'O' has got to go...

In all my years of living in this great nation, I have never been as concerned for the direction in which it is heading as I am at this moment.... Read more

Letter: We're a nation of whiners...

A recent letter by one Timothy Bledsoe (“Face our real problems,” May 9) – comparing the “Occupy” movement to the expression of free speech as... Read more

Letter: Blame the correct culprits

The protests in New York City, becoming increasingly riotous, are an embarrassment to this once-great nation whose capitalism enabled all of the... Read more

Robbing rich, giving to poor is bad idea

In these days of political wrangling over the debt ceiling, proposed spending cuts and talk of tax increases, there seems to be an increase in the... Read more

Letter: Ryan plan much better than Obamacare

Anyone accepting the premise of a current Democrat-sponsored TV ad -- showing an actor apparently portraying Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., pushing "... Read more

Letter: State pensions exploit private sector

It seems to be Democratic Party dogma that Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker is out to "bust" the public employees' unions.

In the... Read more