Tennent Houston

Letter: Save our city's history...

It is unfortunate that the city administration seems determined to continue its practice of demolishing the very historic properties that give our... Read more

Guest Column: Don't allow another priceless piece of Augusta'...


Is it still 1957 in Augusta?

In that year, the city government demolished its beautiful old courthouse – which had been built... Read more

Letter: Give hope to old buildings

I read your recent “good news, bad news” article relating to the pending sale of the old Davidson School (“School board votes to sell old Davidson... Read more

Letter: Historic demolition is sad

I was saddened to see that demolition has begun on the historic Immaculate Conception School.

While I strongly support the redevelopment of... Read more

Preserving city's chief assets will help all of Augusta to be...

I have been delighted in recent weeks to read in The Chronicle that some of the most significant buildings in the Laney Walker Historic... Read more

Historic schools must be preserved

In January of this year, the Richmond County Board of Education made the wise business decision to sell a number of surplus properties, and to... Read more