Sylvia Cooper

City Ink: James Brown Plaza loses its shade trees

Four large trees on the James Brown Plaza aren’t singing, I Feel Good.

Recent efforts to upgrade... Read more

City Ink: Switch to online viewing doesn't change commission...

Sister June is coming for a visit, and I was too busy cleaning house to drive in for last week’s Au­gusta... Read more

City Ink: Qualifying draws old, new faces, plus some surprises

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City Ink: Johnson needs big payday in court

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City Ink: Punishment for raises misdirected

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City Ink: Facts and foxes and a very hot henhouse

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City Ink: Official in hot water over muddy water issue

Love is in the air in Augusta, but not in the water. The local government has been focused on muddy water, hot water and fire... Read more

Two city employees off to greener pastures

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. You don’t need me to tell you that. I just thought it would be a good segue into significant news... Read more

City Ink: Yu launches House bid at NAACP banquet

Retired Augusta businessman Eugene Yu chose the Augusta NAACP’s 42... Read more

City Ink: Travel budget discussion heats up

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