Steve Saffron

Letter: Must we aid Syrian rebels?

The leading rebel group supporting the overthrow of the Syrian government is the group Jabhat al-Nusra, designated by the United States, and later... Read more

Letter: Both sons were loved dearly

If I had a son like Trayvon Martin, I would love him dearly and unconditionally. I would remember the first time I ever held him; I would remember... Read more

Letter: It must be Reagan's fault...

Regarding the $70,000 spent by the American Embassy in Pakistan on a commercial showing President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton... Read more

Letter: Mortgage scheme is unfair

Here we go again – another economic mistake by the Obama administration. The president should be sent to stand in the corner. I much prefer the do... Read more

Letter: Handle immigration properly

Gabino Sanchez, 27, from Ridgeland, S.C., faces deportation as an illegal resident after being arrested on a traffic violation. This story with... Read more

Letter: Cuts needed to tame debt

Let’s put our government spending in perspective. With revenues of $2.3 trillion annually, expenditures of $3.6 trillion and debt of $14.7... Read more

Letter: With GM bailout, history repeats itself


The government operates with tax money. I pay taxes. The government is a majority stakeholder in GM. I own GM. And as a shareholder,... Read more