Steve R. Smith

Letter: Issue misrepresented

Rose O. Hayes’ Feb. 11 letter to the editor (“Waste column off-base”) is not credible. The Ph.D. after her name implies credibility. But she... Read more

Letter: Help strengthen families

The biggest problem in the United States isn’t the threat of terrorism, the comatose economy or illegal immigration. The biggest problem is... Read more

Letter: Letter lacked specifics

In response to Francine Brown’s March 4 letter to the editor (“Vote for your own values”): She wasn’t explicit enough to help any of the readers... Read more

Letter: Keep the family together

I have seen moms and dads together raise their children as a family, with or without guns in their homes. The outcomes I’ve seen have produced... Read more

Letter: Spending isn't sustainable...

In financial-speak, a deficit is when more money is spent than is taken in. If this situation occurs for a whole year, it’s called an annual... Read more

Letter: Put term limits on Congress

The Columbia County TEA Party believes the purpose of the federal government is to ensure that the nation’s citizens rights of life, liberty and... Read more

Letter: The case for tossing them

The Columbia County Tea Party is disgusted and fed up with the entire Congress and our president, and will vote against all incumbents running for... Read more

Letter: Lazy voters ignore facts

Should taxes be raised to fix the annual U.S. federal government spending deficit and pay off the national debt? Let’s look at history to help... Read more

Letter: Parents, feed your children

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal wrote in the Nov. 24 Augusta Chronicle about his concern for childhood hunger in Georgia and across America (“... Read more

Letter: There is no Social Security trust fund

The Social Security trust fund exists in name only. It is merely a bookkeeping tool for showing where the money collected in the name of Social... Read more