Steve Donohue

Letter: Citizens need stadium vote

By now you have heard the news about Brexit – the British people voting to leave the European Union. That was an exercise in political... Read more

Letter: Stop conflict of interest

There’s trouble in River City that starts with “T,” which rhymes with “C” and that stands for “conflict of interest.”

We... Read more

Letter: Weapon policy confusing

I went to the Donald Trump rally the other day in Aiken, S.C. We went through the now-familiar screening for these events – empty pockets,... Read more

Letter: Stadium deal is rotten

I went to a North Augusta City Council meeting the other night. Council members need to hear what is wrong with the contracts they are being... Read more

Letter: Has the party left you?

The recent update on Project Jackson should send chills throughout the North Augusta electorate.

We are being told the city intends to spend... Read more

Letter: Project ramrodded through

Welcome to the People’s Republic of North Augusta and Aiken County! That’s the sign we need to hang at the Interstate 20 welcome center after you... Read more

Guest Column: North Augusta flouts spirit of TIF law to push stadium...

In my recent letter to the editor (“Stadium project a bad idea,” Jan. 23), I wrote about how North Augusta’s “... Read more