Stephen Yusko

Movie Talk: 'E.T.' perfect; no need to retell...

From the moment a Super Bowl Sunday teaser trailer thrust J.J. Abrams' Super 8 into our collective consciousness, parallels between it... Read more

Movie people should watch TV

I t's not easy being a movie these days.

As the Los Angeles Times reported last month, movie-theater attendance... Read more

'Source Code' reaffirms Gyllenhaal's strengths...

S earching for a movie to attend with my youngest brother a few weeks ago, my task quickly narrowed to avoiding Limitless... Read more

Propaganda in film disrespects, disturbs

Top Gun, which helped launch Tom Cruise into superstardom 25 years ago, has many memorable moments.

The shirtless,... Read more

Oscars in the forecast

This week I'm taking the opportunity to write a version of my favorite movie column to read when I was younger: who should win... Read more

'The King's Speech' is overrated...

It seems little can be done to stop the wave ushering The King's Speech to an Oscar for Best Picture, but I'm still going to try.

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Performance is key in football, feature films

That we come to know the competitors for the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards just a few days apart should not be overlooked.... Read more

Theaters to be filled with alien offerings

Reading last week's 2011 movie preview in Applause, I felt suddenly like Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

"The horror ... the... Read more