Stephen B. McMillan

Letter: Voters opposed Obama

Never have I read such a distressing response to the results of an election than in the letter sent by the Richmond County Democratic Party... Read more

Letter: Our United States is changing for worse

There is a very trite phrase by talk show hosts and others: “This isn’t your grandparents’ world.” The pundits are correct.

My grandparents... Read more

Letter: Catastrophes here, abroad

I am positive that our Asian allies do not, for a nanosecond, think that our commander-in-chief has their backs! My goodness, he could not... Read more

Letter: Don't shrink our military...

I was truly dismayed at the Feb. 27 Augusta Chronicle headline “Ex-VA executives won’t be punished,” which basically means that if you... Read more

Letter: Obama legacy getting worse

How many more miserable chapters in his legacy does our president need?

He did kill Osama bin Laden – with the help of SEAL Team Six, and... Read more

Letter: Dissent with your ballot in November


I do not agree with our president's health-care law! Just because I don't agree, I am tarred as a right-wing radical with a Rambo... Read more

Letter: Mayor measures twice, cuts once


There is an axiom that was first related to me by my grandfather: "Measure twice and cut once." I do believe that Mayor Deke... Read more