Stephen B. McMillan

Letter: Frontrunners give pause

It is no wonder that the Republican Party is in such disarray – the debates were nothing more than a rehash of old Three Stooges comedies.... Read more

Letter: Obama, Kerry gullible

Our esteemed president and the wag posing as secretary of state have declared that we are now safer today than we have been. Had I had known... Read more

Letter: Trump spells trouble

I shocked myself recently when I read one of the letters to the editor (“Watch for ‘bigger liar,’” Nov. 28) and,... Read more

Letter: Obama dishonored hero

I truly hope I can express my loathing of our commander-in-chief without having a post-traumatic stress disorder breakdown!

... Read more

Letter: Iran assessment flawed

Lowell Greenbaum’s response to The Augusta Chronicle’s comments on an Iran nuclear deal ran utterly opposite of how reasonably... Read more

Letter: Vote 'none of the above'...

What I learned in my civics class is now all for naught. In Mr. Pierce’s civics class way back in 1954, we were taught that there were three... Read more

Letter: Arrest radical Islamists

I am truly conflicted about when freedom of speech is appropriate or inappropriate.

Listen to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. He thinks Pamela... Read more

Letter: Iran nuke deal wretched

Why is the Obama administration so naïve to believe that Iran will follow the terms of this last nuclear treaty? From what I have read it is win-... Read more

Letter: Israel editorial superb

Recently I was composing a letter to The Augusta Chronicle, but after reading the Opinion page I re-read my thoughts and I was basically... Read more

Letter: Decision disgraceful

President Obama was last seen promising free education at community colleges, telling his audience that all you need to qualify is to maintain a C... Read more