Stan Choe

Of Mutual Interest: Passive mutual funds can be active corporate watchdogs

NEW YORK — Think a company is paying its CEO way too much? Or that its board of directors is too full of the CEO’s cronies?

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Of Mutual Interest: Loomis Sayles' Elaine Stokes on bond fears

NEW YORK — Bonds aren’t boring anymore.

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Of Mutual Interest: Oakmark's David Herro talks patience

NEW YORK — For more than two decades, fund manager David Herro never owned a Chinese stock in his Oakmark International fund.

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Of Mutual Interest: Calvert Investments chief talks sustainable investing

NEW YORK — Responsible investing isn’t just for hippies wanting to avoid stocks of tobacco or alcohol companies anymore.

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Of Mutual Interest: Many losers, few winners in 3Q mutual fund review

NEW YORK — Sometimes, pain hits nearly everywhere.

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Mutual fund trends: Give stock pickers a chance?

NEW YORK — Bad news keeps piling up for stock pickers, but not everyone is giving up on them.

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Of Mutual Interest: 'Hedge funds for the masses' get a stress test

NEW YORK — Hedge funds aren’t just for the 1 percent. The mutual-fund industry wants average investors to get into its own version of hedge funds... Read more

Alternative-energy funds are better at absorbing oil's spill

NEW YORK — Even as the tumble in oil prices pummels the industry, one small -- and perhaps surprising -- group of energy stock funds has held up... Read more

Fearful of being left out to dry, bond funds hold more cash

NEW YORK — Imagine the bond market as a crowded swimming pool, except it’s one where the water level drops whenever someone tries to leave. By the... Read more