S.G. von Schweinitz

Letter: Trump is just too brash

Would one-third of Republican voters really want Donald Trump in the White House leading the free world? I can see him as a feisty Rambo-... Read more

Letter: Commit to adoption, too

You hear conservative politicians talk passionately about defunding Planned Parenthood.

Early abortions, as bad as they... Read more

Letter: Regulations smothering

Forty years ago it took three months to establish a new business. In more regulated European countries it took about a year. We had the... Read more

Letter: Financial policy hurts U.S.

Federal Reserve Chief Janet Yellen has again buckled under to Wall Street money managers preventing an interest-rate increase, blaming it on... Read more

Letter: Energy outlooks looks dim

Our energy resources such as gas and oil have improved over the past 20 years with hydraulic fracturing and other technology. We are close to... Read more

Letter: Rebuild the middle class

As syndicated columnist Star Parker wrote recently in The Augusta Chronicle: “Conservatives must fight for minorities’ hearts and minds”... Read more

Letter: Socialism creeping in

Socialist governments tend to expand controls and regulations on a nation’s economy. Private investors and small companies are discouraged to make... Read more

Letter: Atrocities of history are calling out to us but are we...

The United States is losing its dominant world power position, causing an increasing power vacuum vs. emerging countries such as China, Russia,... Read more

Letter: Change to boost economy

We keep talking about the lagging improvement of our deteriorating transportation infrastructure while our politicians like to kick the can down... Read more

Letter: Policies set stage for dictatorship

While most of our top military leaders would identify radical Islam as our most serious challenge in the world, our commander-in-chief, President... Read more