Seth Benson

Letter: It seems some never learn

I would think that, after two years or so of harping on the dangers of leaving your children/babies in hot cars, some of these people would catch... Read more

Letter: What about small counties?

I seldom comment on letters such as “TSPLOST is a nonstarter” (July 18), but will make an exception.

Writer Eric Schumacher is very... Read more

Letter: Writer wrong on Obama

In the letter from Lowell Greenbaum (“Obama is ending the war,” May 4) he mentioned that President Obama is ending the war we can’t afford that... Read more

Letter: Fight government control

In reference to the Dec. 2 letter by Greta Newton of Rocky Ford (“Fight to save post office”): We went all through this routine here in Jenkins... Read more

'Why?’ Try looking in the mirror for once

In response to Lowell Greenbaum’s letter of Jan. 13 (“Shooting spurs an avalanche of 'whys’”):

The answer to... Read more

Letter: UGA gridiron fans need dose of reality

Unfortunately, University of Georgia football fans don't seem to understand that their team can't win every year without a rebuild somewhere along... Read more

Letter: Tax dollars could have been better spent


Normally, I wouldn't bother with something as ridiculous as this affair, because I don't live in Richmond County, but this money from... Read more

Don't inflate Few's 9-11 involvement

Regarding the letter to the editor from Amy C. Rourk ("Voters of Augusta, unite: Choose Few," Oct. 11): To clarify, Ronnie Few, although fire... Read more