Scott Michaux

Basketball proposal nothing but racism

The first reaction was that this had to be some kind of sick joke.

What idiot sends out a press release on the eve of Martin Luther King... Read more

Kiffin 's exit was no great loss for the Vols

There are times when the subject of sports seems more trivial than others. This week is one of those times.

Sizing up the Cowboys vs.... Read more

Will Bear's words affect Tiger's plan?

Another PGA Tour season opener went off without Tiger Woods (seven consecutive years), but the game is afoot to predict when and where the scandal... Read more

Stegeman stumble continues for Tech

ATHENS, Ga. --- Instead of sitting at home watching Georgia Tech compete in the Orange Bowl, I decided to spend the evening trying to unravel a... Read more

Teams should try this option

The jury is in.

Before Georgia Tech kicks off in the Orange Bowl on Tuesday, the evidence proves Paul Johnson's offense works at every... Read more

Sports could come up with a different surprise every month

For all of the predictable athletic outcomes that made up the bulk of 2009, the year had its share of surprises.

In between the Arizona... Read more

Woods is franchise to watch in 2010

It was the year of the franchise.

Heavyweights pretty much dominated the scene at every turn in 2009.

The New York Yankees won... Read more

Snoozing through yet another bowl season

Episodes 10 and 11 of a 34-part bowl series hit cable TV tonight and Monday. At least these installments provide some regional incentive to divert... Read more

Hiatus will help Tiger get past personal drama

TIGRE, Argentina --- It was a fleeting hope that 5,000 miles might be far enough to escape the reach of this Tiger Woods story.

No such... Read more