Scott Michaux

Woods 'monologue' smacks of arrogance

Nearly three months have passed since Tiger Woods' massive fall from grace, and not much seems to have changed.

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Super Bowl loss remains fresh for coach

A year after coming within 35 seconds and the tips of Santonio Holmes' toes of winning the Super Bowl, Ken Whisenhunt's emotions are still a... Read more

Rivalry's intensity stronger than ever

The telltale signs of a rivalry that's arrived were everywhere. Traffic spilled out onto Wrightsboro Road more than an hour before tipoff.

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Michaux: Pro Bowl is the worst bowl of all


As meaningless as some of the college bowls can be, the most insignificant matchup between 6-6 teams holds nothing in irrelevance to... Read more

Patience key for local golfers

Vaughn Taylor will take the road to his goals in measured steps instead of a desperate charge.

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