Scott Michaux

Documentary shows more than the Masters

ATLANTA --- Why Augusta? It's a reasonable question about how this fair city's identity has become synonymous with golf. It's a question Stan... Read more

Jaguars defy odds with remarkable run

Conventional wisdom is apparently not on the curriculum at Augusta State University.

At least it's not when it comes to the men's basketball... Read more

Ninety-six teams is far too many


Can anyone explain the spirit of 96ers?

A movement is afoot (and some say it's a done deal) to expand the NCAA basketball... Read more

Augusta ready for media circus

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will pull up stakes at the James Brown Arena after four days in Augusta on Sunday. If you miss... Read more

Woods could mute other Masters talk

DORAL, Fla. --- The nice story emerging from the World Golf Championship event this weekend involves a young South African rising from Ernie Els'... Read more

Nicklaus expects Woods in Masters

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - With reports that Tiger Woods has resumed hitting golf balls at home, the man whose records he's chasing said he wouldn... Read more

Michaux: Watching the Phoenix antics is high on list

As sports fans, we all have our bucket lists.

Perhaps the most common bucket-list dream takes place in our fair city every April.

If... Read more