Scott Finley

Letter: Proposal is a lot of garbage

So once again, the local brain trust, our Augusta commissioners, are debating the merits of going to once-a-week trash pickup. I’m 52 years old,... Read more

Letter: Great job, voters

I work for a small, locally owned company in Augusta. BlueCross/BlueShield has been our health-care provider for a while, but recently I found out... Read more

Letter: You call this a compromise?

I’m sure Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz couldn’t sleep Thursday night, from laughing so hard about the slick one he... Read more

Letter: Andy Griffith will be missed

How sad that the news outlets reported this week that Andy Griffith, at age 86, has passed away.

For those of us who are Andy Griffith... Read more

A good life lesson: Serve others

During my 45 years on this earth, I've learned several important life lessons. They are, in no particular order:

- The Mattress Police... Read more