Sarita Chourey

South Carolinians fighting mental illness need housing assistance

COLUMBIA — About 5,500 South Carolinians at any given moment are fighting mental illness and in need of housing... Read more

S.C. lawmakers seek data on racial profiling

COLUMBIA — Lawmakers have taken a step closer to securing data about racial profiling by law enforcement in... Read more

South Carolina's GOP lawmakers championing religious groups ...

COLUMBIA — South Carolina’s Republican members of Congress are pushing state colleges and universities in California to affirm religious... Read more

Sides clash over court mandate to fix SC's poor schools...

COLUMBIA — The Supreme Court’s order to fix inequities in the states’s poorest schools has opened a new battlefront for advocates of private and... Read more

Aiken Tech best in SC system

COLUMBIA — Aiken Technical College leads the 16-school technical college system in South Carolina with an... Read more

SC tweaks public information law

COLUMBIA — Amid worries over identity theft, police work, and the exposure of dead people’s past prescriptions... Read more

Group pushing SC school reform

COLUMBIA -- A new committee is forming to address South Carolina’s educational shortcomings following last fall’... Read more

SC bill would change magistrate selection

COLUMBIA — An effort to strip South Carolina’s state senators of their power to choose county magistrates is drawing opposition from some who say... Read more

Reforms, funding ahead for SC lawmakers in new session


COLUMBIA — South Car­olina legislators will face the familiar demons of ethics reform and roadway funding when they begin the new... Read more

SC fined Vogtle, temporarily blocked shipments last year


Plant Vogtle was fined $8,000 and temporarily barred from sending waste to South Carolina last year after environmental regulators... Read more