Sarita Chourey

SC hate-crime bill goes further than most

COLUMBIA -- After repeated attempts to bring South Carolina into line with the dozens of other states that... Read more

Legislation would end old SC laws


COLUMBIA — The law in South Carolina is curiously strict against lovers, fighters and fun-loving teens.

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SC bill restricts erectile dysfunction pills

COLUMBIA -- A man would have to undergo sex therapy and produce a notarized affidavit from an intimate partner... Read more

SC lawmaker derides Rebel flag display cost

A Democratic lawmaker from Charleston says she plans to introduce a proposal that would direct a commission to... Read more

SC Attorney General argues against transgender student in bathroom lawsuit

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South Carolina women face gender pay gap


The disparity between what women and men in South Carolina are paid is greater than the gap women nationwide and women in... Read more

South Carolina flags charities for low donations to professed causes

Half of the worst charities that try to coax South Carolinians to donate money were intended to support police and military veterans.... Read more

Edgefield pays penalty for its wastewater violations

Lead and ammonia violations at the Edgefield County Water & Sewer Authority led state regulars to issue an $8,400... Read more