Sarah Day Owen

Create virtual pin boards

It's common practice for people planning weddings, looking for a haircut or redecorating a room to tear out inspiring pages from magazines or to... Read more

Foursquare aids out-of-town visitors' explorations...

I recently went on a trip with my mom to Nashville, Tenn., for the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon, and location-based network Foursquare... Read more

Wedding has implications for social media

The royal wedding is shaping up as a serious social media event.

The entire wedding ceremony of Britain's Prince William and his fiance... Read more

Google answers Facebook's 'like' with '+1'...

Possibly Google's answer to the growing reach of Facebook "like" buttons, the search engine giant revealed a new project Wednesday: +1.

When... Read more

Facebook Questions are now posted in newsfeed

I was less than impressed about the last incarnation of Facebook Questions, as I wrote in July.

But it seems like they got it right this... Read more

New services allow group text messages

The one feature I've missed about not having a BlackBerry is the BlackBerry Messenger. The instant messaging application was useful when making... Read more

Take precautions before your phone goes missing

I recently had my iPhone stolen, and thanks to some great work by the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, I got it back within five hours.

I... Read more

Facebook pages take ideas from profiles

You may notice your favorite local business page commenting as only profiles have been able to before on Facebook.

Changes were announced in... Read more

Options let users control who they see on Facebook

Do you know how to translate your Facebook news feed?

After being invited to a "Facebook is hiding you" event page on the social network, I... Read more