Sam Arrington

Letter: Taxpayers are slaves

Who is it the Democrats think are working, paying taxes and producing in America? Working-class people.

Michelle Obama is... Read more

Letter: Don't hate police; take care of yourselves...

The killing of cops in retaliation of cops killing black men has gone to another level in Dallas.

There are good cops and... Read more

Letter: Gun rights under threat

Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the Democrats want to take our AR-15s and AKs away from us. (AR, incidentally, stands for Armalite... Read more

Letter: Be smart in this election

Watters’ World on Fox News shows just how ignorant about politics most voters are, and the same is true for the majority of the... Read more

Letter: Congress must be fixed

The United States of America was built on hard work, blood, sweat, tears and religion. Everyone worked; they had to work or starve.... Read more

Letter: All they want is your vote

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to offer free college to everyone. Their way, the liberal way, is to tax, tax and... Read more

Letter: ISIS is not contained

President Obama recently said the Islamic State is contained. As we all know, ISIS is not contained.

... Read more

Letter: Trump tells it like it is

You can like Donald Trump or not – he doesn’t care.

Trump is not a politician. He is an entrepreneur and has made billions of dollars the... Read more