Ruth A. Johnson

Letter: Donations steered vote

Sen. David Perdue had an excellent guest column in The Augusta Chronicle on June 28 making a case for the citizen legislator by imposing... Read more

Letter: Letter didn't violate act...

Regarding the open letter that 47 U.S. senators sent to Iran: This letter did not violate the Logan Act.

First, it was an “open letter” to... Read more

Letter: Consider the Fair Tax

I agree with Jim Irish’s July 31 letter “Agencies are attack dogs,” and this comment: “The solution to the menace of the IRS is not to reform the... Read more

Letter: Return integrity to voting

Election integrity is absolutely necessary in the voting process. However, more and more evidence points to fraud taking place in the last... Read more

Letter: Don't tax more; spend less...

The hype about the “sequester,” which was President Obama’s idea, is a game. The president chose what areas would be cut, and he did not have to... Read more