Rodney Hindrew

Letter: Don't disrespect Obama...

I will be so glad when President Obama leaves office in 2017!

It’s not particularly because he has been characterized and demonized as the... Read more

Letter: Rich cause moral decay, too

Regarding the Feb. 24 editorial on “What the courts see”: I somewhat agree with some of the observations addressed by the district attorney and... Read more

Letter: Name keeps us competitive

I graduated from Augusta State University and work at Georgia Health Sciences University. Needless to say, I’m somewhat ambivalent in reaction to... Read more

Letter: Dog grasped compassion

I recently witnessed a video on the Internet that was so compelling that I had to comment.

I suppose the cruel death of helpless kittens... Read more

Letter: Congress enables greed

A majority of people in the Occupy Wall Street movement are scared and confused, not knowing really how to vent and focus their frustrations.... Read more

Letter: A ruinous economic crisis is coming

Voters, Republican and Democratic alike, need to take a reality check and really educate themselves on the realities of our current economic... Read more